Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads

Elmer Foster
16 min readMar 22, 2024


Get ready to take your hunting experience to the next level with our roundup of Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads. These broadheads are designed to provide unmatched accuracy, durability, and lethality in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, our guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the top Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads on the market today.

The Top 12 Best Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads

  1. Thorn Expandable Broadheads with Hidden Blade Technology — Experience unmatched accuracy and devastating impact with Thorn Expandable Broadheads, featuring innovative hidden blade technology for optimal performance and a wound channel that will leave any target in awe.
  2. Dead Ringer Rampage Broadheads: Rugged and Accurate for Multiple Bows — Experience unmatched penetration and accuracy with the Dead Ringer Rampage 100 Grain 2 Blade, designed specifically for lower poundage bows and engineered for field point accuracy in any angle shot.
  3. Dead Ringer Rampage 3 Blade Broadheads — Engineered for Field Point Accuracy — Unleash deadly precision with the Dead Ringer Rampage 100 Grain 3 Blade broadhead, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, .032 stainless steel blades, and chisel tip design for optimal performance and a lethal cutting surface.
  4. Rage Chisel Tip Broadhead for Compound Bows and Crossbows — Discover the devastating impact of the Gravedigger Extreme broadhead, featuring a cutting diameter of 2.25", a patented blade retention system, and maximum accuracy for compound bows and crossbows.
  5. Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadheads — Chisel Tip & 2" Cutting Diameter — Experience precision and power with Grim Reaper’s 2 blade mechanical crossbow broadheads, featuring a chisel tip and a 2-inch cutting diameter, ideal for Elk hunting and achieving a 3.5-star customer rating.
  6. Durable Turkey Crossbow Broadhead with 3-Pack Offer — Experience superior performance with the Vector-CP Broadhead from Swat Broadheads, offering durable .036 steel blades, a reliable aluminum ferrule, and compatible with both compound and crossbow applications.
  7. Delmastro HPV Broadhead: Rage Chisel Tip for High Accuracy and Toughness — Unleash precision and devastation with the Radical Archery Delmastro HPV Broadhead, offering advanced features and exceptional durability for every hunting adventure.
  8. Northern Broadheads Little Evil Broadheads: Razor-Sharp Hunting Precision — Experience the ultimate precision and durability with Northern Broadheads Little Evil Broadheads, featuring an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade and corrosion-resistant aluminum ferrule, perfect for your hunting needs.
  9. High-Performance Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads with Patented Retention System — Revolutionary Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads eliminate the need for rubber bands or O-rings while delivering maximum cutting performance with a no-failure design.
  10. Premium Stainless Steel Montec 125-Grain Broadhead for Hunting — Experience unparalleled accuracy and superior sharpness with the Gs Outdoors Montec 125-Grain Broadhead, featuring monoflow technology for enhanced penetration and durability.
  11. Precision Hunting: Elite Series 2 Blade Ozcut Broadheads — The Ozcut Elite Series 2 Blade 100 Gr. 3 Pk Broadheads, offering Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads, are renowned for their field point accuracy, aggressive bone splitting, and easy maintenance — a must-have for serious archery enthusiasts.
  12. Rage Chisel Tip Bloodsport Grave Digger Hybrid Broadhead — Experience ultimate precision and durability with Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads — the hybrid broadhead designed for optimal energy efficiency, featuring a unique cross-opening blade design and no-fail technology.


Thorn Expandable Broadheads with Hidden Blade Technology


Thorn Archery Broadheads never fail to impress me. The hidden blade technology in these bad boys is a game-changer, achieving that elusive field-point accuracy. I’ve been on a hunt where the arrow sailed through a mature doe, with blood droplets sprayed far and wide, but no blood trail was found. Seems like the blades didn’t deploy. Ah, the thrill of the chase!

These broadheads are not just sharp, they’re incredibly well-made. The secret hidden blades are a sight to behold, and their deployment is truly bone-crushing. The wound channel they create is enormous, leaving a 1–3/4" signature for the predators to follow. As for the practical bits, the inclusion of (3) Thorn Expandable Broadheads, (6) Sheer Pin, and a single Practice Clip is just perfect.

But, like anything else in life, there are always pros and cons. For me, the downside would be the inconsistency of deployment, which is just one of the quirks of our beloved hunting gear. Nevertheless, overall, these broadheads have been a reliable companion on my hunting adventures, and I’d recommend them to any hunter. Just remember, in the world of hunting, nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems.

Dead Ringer Rampage Broadheads: Rugged and Accurate for Multiple Bows


I recently tried out the Dead Ringer Rampage 100 Grain 2 Blade broadhead for some bow hunting practice. The first thing that stood out to me was how well the broadhead flew. Its low profile design minimized airfoil issues and made it easier to control in the air.

When it came to actual use, the broadhead’s chisel tip design was incredibly effective at shattering bone on contact. This allowed the blades to maintain kinetic energy longer and cut deeper than any other blade I’ve tried. The massive exit wound also created a significant blood trail, making tracking the wounded animal a breeze.

One potential con, though, is the size of the cutting diameter. While it’s adjustable, the smallest setting is still 7/8 inches. This might not be ideal for everyone, especially those who prefer a smaller cutting diameter.

Overall, the Dead Ringer Rampage 2 Blade broadhead proved to be a reliable and effective tool for bow hunting. Its high-quality construction and impressive performance make it a solid choice for hunters seeking a versatile and powerful broadhead.

Dead Ringer Rampage 3 Blade Broadheads — Engineered for Field Point Accuracy


In my experience with the Dead Ringer Rampage 3 series, I’ve found these broadheads to be efficient and effective in both accuracy and power. What truly stands out in this product is the adjustable cutting diameter, which allows for a lethal opening from 7/8-inch closed all the way down to 1–1/2-inch in use. I’ve been impressed by the massive total of four-inches of cutting surface that this mechanical broadhead offers, providing one of the best in the industry.

One of the most outstanding features of the Rampage 3 Blade is the 32 thousandths thick spring stainless steel blades. These blades are virtually indestructible compared to other competitors, ensuring durability and reliability in the field. However, one downside I’ve noticed is that the blades sometimes bend or break, though they still function effectively despite this issue.

Another highlight of the product is the T-6 aluminum ferrule, designed from the same material used in Nascar rear axles. Alongside this, the chisel tip design adds to its effectiveness, shattering bones on contact, allowing for the maintenance of kinetic energy longer and deeper cuts than standard blades.

The massive exit wound created by the opening of this broadhead contributes to an immense blood trail, making tracking more efficient and quicker. Additionally, the low-profile design of this fixed blade broadhead ensures that there are no airfoil issues that are commonly seen with other mechanicals.

Overall, the Dead Ringer Rampage 3 series stands out as a hybrid design, providing the best of both worlds — precision and dependability even if the blades do not open fully. Despite a few minor drawbacks, I would highly recommend these mechanical broadheads to fellow hunters in pursuit of efficient and lethal game tracking.

Rage Chisel Tip Broadhead for Compound Bows and Crossbows


I’ve been using the Gravedigger Extreme chisel tip broadheads for some time now and they’re quite a marvel. The cutting diameter is impressive, with mechanical blades boasting a 2.25" diameter and the main blade providing a 1.25" diameter upon deployment. I love that these are made from high-quality materials, with 420 stainless steel blades and an aircraft aluminum ferrule.

The patented Blade Retention System ensures these blades are held securely until they’re needed, eliminating the need for rubber bands or O-rings, which can sometimes be unreliable. This feature was quite handy during my hunting expeditions.

The true field-point accuracy is another highlight that makes these broadheads a standout. They’re designed to work exceptionally well with compound bows and crossbows, making them a reliable choice for serious hunters who value precision.

However, no product is completely perfect. I noticed that the flight of the broadheads can be affected by the wind, which can sometimes impact their accuracy. This may require adjustments during some hunting trips.

Despite this minor drawback, the Gravedigger Extreme has consistently delivered satisfying results, leaving an amazing blood trail and causing significant damage, regardless of the game. Overall, I highly recommend these broadheads for serious bow hunters looking for a combination of power, accuracy, and reliability.

Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadheads — Chisel Tip & 2" Cutting Diameter


The Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadheads have been a game-changer for me on my hunting trips. With a chisel tip and a generous 2-inch cutting diameter, these bad boys have always ensured a clean, precise shot.

Although they come in a silver color, which can be a bit tricky to spot, their performance definitely outshines this minor drawback.

Durable Turkey Crossbow Broadhead with 3-Pack Offer


Oh, I remember the time I bought those Swat Broadheads and decided to use them for hunting turkeys. I was thrilled when I received the package — it felt sturdy, and the broadheads looked sleek. I was particularly impressed by the four-blade design and the 90-degree gobbler-stopper broadhead.

The broadheads were effective for both my compound and crossbow, so I didn’t have to worry about carrying two different sets. Each pack comes with three heads, which is convenient for a hunter like me who loves to be prepared. On my first hunting trip, I had a clear shot at a turkey, and that’s when the Swat Broadheads truly shined.

The impact was immense — the Vector-CP broadhead cut a clear path for maximum penetration. I could see that the 7075-T6 aluminum was twice as strong with the hardened steel chisel point. The micro-adjustable collar and durable. 036 420 SS mechanical blades made a difference in the field.

However, I did notice that the broadheads could be a bit tricky to install on my compound bow — I had to adjust the collar several times before I got it right. But once I got the hang of it, everything went smoothly. Overall, I was really satisfied with the Swat Broadheads — they did their job flawlessly, and I would definitely recommend them to fellow hunters.

Delmastro HPV Broadhead: Rage Chisel Tip for High Accuracy and Toughness


After trying out the Radical Archery Delmastro HPV Broadhead, I must say it’s a game-changer. The low profile vented and high profile vented options give you the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your needs. I found the 1" cut diameter on the low profile vented to be just right, allowing for precise shots without much drift.

One feature that really stood out was the Savora style locking foot, which made blade replacement a breeze. However, I also noticed that the. 030" blade thickness made this broadhead a bit tougher to remove from the target. Overall, the Radical Archery Delmastro HPV Broadhead is a reliable choice for archery enthusiasts looking for both accuracy and durability.

Northern Broadheads Little Evil Broadheads: Razor-Sharp Hunting Precision


I recently tried the Northern Broadheads Little Evil Broadheads 100 Gr. 4 Pk. and I must say, I was pretty impressed with their performance.

The aluminum ferrule makes these broadheads lightweight and durable, perfect for bowhunting. The stainless steel blade glides through the toughest hides with ease, and the double bevel straight edge ensures a clean and sharp cut.

However, I noticed they are a bit challenging to sharpen, which might be a con for some users. Overall, for the price, these Little Evil Broadheads offer a great value and are worth trying out for your next hunting trip.

High-Performance Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads with Patented Retention System


I had the chance to try out these Bloodsport Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads, and let me tell you, they were a game-changer. The best part? . They were incredibly easy to use.

I was impressed by the 3 in 1 fixed blade with 0.5 in bleeders feature. The cross-opening curved mechanical blades really reduced the energy needed to open the blades.

The accuracy was on point, and the blade retention system kept everything secure until it was time to make a perfect entrance. Plus, no rubber bands or O-rings meant I didn’t have to worry about pesky maintenance. It’s a no-failure broadhead that will cut through anything, no matter what.

If you’re an avid archery hunter or just looking for a reliable option, these broadheads are definitely worth trying out.

Premium Stainless Steel Montec 125-Grain Broadhead for Hunting


The Montec 125-grain broadhead is a durable and reliable choice for hunters, offering unparalleled accuracy and penetration. It’s designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and durability, featuring strong multi-tapered blades and a cut-on-impact nose for optimal efficiency.

One of the standout features is the diamond cut edges, which provide exceptional sharpness and ensure a clean, swift kill. The one-piece construction of the broadhead eliminates the need for any additional parts, making it both user-friendly and efficient in the field.

The Montec broadhead is available in packs of three and is suitable for a variety of hunting scenarios, from crossbows to compound bows. Overall, it’s a reliable and effective choice for those seeking a high-quality broadhead for their hunting adventures.

Precision Hunting: Elite Series 2 Blade Ozcut Broadheads


As a seasoned hunter, I recently put the Ozcut Broadheads Elite Series 2 Blade 100 Gr. 3 Pk. to the test in pursuit of my next big game. The 420SS material was a game changer, offering both field point accuracy and aggressive bone splitting capabilities thanks to the tanto tip. The rear cutting blades created maximum wound channels, ensuring that any creature I targeted would not have the chance to escape.

One of the most impressive features of these broadheads was their one-piece construction, which made them incredibly durable during rigorous hunting sessions. The Hurricane design offered a steep bevel, but I found that the old bevel was slightly better in terms of sharpness. Easy to sharpen, these broadheads proved to be a reliable choice for any hunter looking to increase their chances of a successful hunt.

However, I encountered a con or two along the way. The inconsistency in manufacturing caused some worry, as I could not entirely trust these broadheads for hunting. Additionally, the steel seemed to be rather soft, which could pose a potential issue when coming into contact with bone.

Overall, the Ozcut Broadheads Elite Series 2 Blade 100 Gr. 3 Pk. provided a seamless blend of durability and accuracy, making them a formidable choice for any hunter. With a few tweaks to their manufacturing process, they could be a top-tier option in the market. Until then, I will continue to use and trust these broadheads for my next hunting expedition.

Rage Chisel Tip Bloodsport Grave Digger Hybrid Broadhead


I recently discovered the Bloodsport Grave Digger Chisel Tip broadhead set, and let me tell you, it has seriously enhanced my hunting experience. The hybrid design of the tips allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds — I can shot it as a 1" fixed blade with a 1/2" bleeder blade by tightening the set screw. Talk about versatility!

The patented blade retention system is another feature that I found particularly impressive. I no longer have to deal with pesky rubber bands or O-rings that can often cause damage or malfunction. These tips stay closed until needed, ensuring a secure entry without any hassle.

The cross-opening curved mechanical blades are a game-changer. Opening the blades requires significantly less energy than traditional models, yet they deliver a whopping 1"x13/4" cutting diameter. I have noticed a significant improvement in my accuracy, and the animals have certainly felt the difference — it’s a true “lights out” experience!

One area I would love to see some improvements is the reusability factor. Unfortunately, these tips are a bit of a one-shot-wonder. However, overall, I’m beyond thrilled with the Bloodsport Grave Digger Chisel Tip broadheads. They make me feel like a real-life hunter, aiding me in my pursuit of the perfect shot. Trust me, once you try these, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Buyer’s Guide

First, let’s discuss the basics of Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads. These broadheads are designed for archers looking to achieve maximum accuracy and precision, with superior cutting power.


Important Features

  • Heavy construction: Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads are typically built from robust materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Chisel tip: The primary feature of Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads is their unique chisel tip design, providing better penetration through tough game hide.
  • Deployable blades: Most Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads come with deployable blades, giving hunters an edge when it comes to wounding and tracking game.
  • Sharpness: Higher-quality Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads have sharp, keen blades that provide more accurate and efficient kills.
  • Variety of options: Rage Chisel Tip Broadhead models come in various sizes and configurations, catering to the needs of different hunters and hunting conditions.

Considerations Before Buying

  • Hunting style: Determine which type of hunting you’ll be doing, as different broadhead styles may be more suitable for various scenarios (e. g. , deer, elk, bow fishing).
  • Aim: Make sure you have a good understanding of your current shooting and accuracy level. High-quality broadheads like Rage Chisel Tips are more suited for experienced archers who are comfortable with their equipment.
  • Game size: Larger game requires more robust and efficient broadheads to ensure quick, precise kills. Choose a broadhead with a suitable blade size and design based on the game you’ll be hunting.
  • Fly cutting and penetration: Evaluate the performance of a broadhead in terms of the cut made by the blades on entry and exit.
  • Noise and clatter: Assess the level of noise generated during the shot. Some Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads may create a louder clatter than others, which could potentially scare off the targeted game.

General Advice for Rage Chisel Tip Broadhead Users

After purchasing your Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads, follow these guidelines to maximize their effectiveness and ensure you’re getting the best possible results: 1. Practice: Spend time fine-tuning your accuracy and aim with these broadheads. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with their performance before heading out on a hunting trip. 2. Proper arrow setup: Invest in quality arrows that match the weight and stiffness of the Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads. This will help ensure consistent flight and proper blade deployment upon impact. 3. Maintenance: Regularly inspect your broadheads for signs of wear and tear, and replace them when necessary. Maintaining sharp, well-maintained broadheads will help you consistently achieve better results. 4. Hunting smart: Always follow safe hunting practices and ethical guidelines to maximize the odds of a clean, quick kill on any game you encounter.



What are Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads?

Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads are a type of broadhead arrowhead designed for hunting purposes. They are known for their precision and accuracy in penetrating the target. The chisel-tip design allows for a clean, controlled expansion of the blade, resulting in a larger wound channel and increased blood loss. This can be beneficial for hunting larger game where a quick, humane kill is desired.

What materials are Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads made of?

Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads are typically made of high-quality, durable materials. The bodies are made from steel, while the blades are often made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. This ensures that the broadheads can withstand the rigors of hunting and remain functional for a long time.


What sizes and weights are available for Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads?

Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads come in various sizes and weights aimed at accommodating different hunting scenarios. Common sizes range from 100 to 125 grains, with corresponding widths ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches. It is essential to choose the appropriate size and weight for your hunting needs, considering factors such as arrow speed, target distance, and the type of game being hunted.

How do Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads perform in different hunting conditions?

Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads are known for their performance in various hunting conditions. Due to their chisel-tip design, they offer a clean, controlled expansion that can be effective in both soft and hard target materials. They are well-suited for hunting a wide range of game, from deer and elk to larger animals like moose and wild boar. In addition, their durability ensures they can be used in different hunting environments without compromising their performance.


Can Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads be used with any type of arrow?

Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads can generally be used with most arrows, as long as the arrow shaft is suitable for hunting purposes and the broadhead is properly installed. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or a knowledgeable professional if you are unsure about the compatibility of a specific arrow with a Rage Chisel Tip Broadhead.

How should Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads be maintained and stored?

To maintain and store Rage Chisel Tip Broadheads, it is essential to keep them clean and dry to prevent rust formation. Wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth after use and store them in a dry, protective case or container. Additionally, inspect the broadheads for any signs of damage, and replace or repair them as needed.